After studying at the London School of Mime and the Circus Space, Bernie began  performing street theatre shows at Covent Garden, London. His shows already included wirewalking and he specialised in this skill after a season as a juggler with  Glyndebourne Opera, where he worked with the master wirewalker Brian Andro,  of Cirque Du Soleil.
Since then he has appeared at festivals all over the world, with his unique combination  of outrageous comedy characters, hilarious audience participation and nailbiting tricks on the highwire.
TV appearances include  You Bet (ITV) where he walked blindfold up a steeply inclined  wire to 25ft, then backwards down the incline on the other side, all within three  minutes.

HEIGHT : 5' 10"       EYES : hazel.     HAIR : light brown.            Equity 97485.




Leeds University : BSc Pharmacology.       Sussex University : MSc Psychology.    

London School of Mime.   Pozitiv Presenting Course.  Actors Centre . Actors Institute. 

Circus Space. Everyman Cheltenham Actor’s Lab.

Extensive producing and managing skills. Excellent communication and teamwork. Able to                              incorporate  the needs, demands and priorities of different partners within a project, having                                 produced and managed many and varied projects for Fairgame Theatre, involving participants                                         of all ages and social and ethnic backgrounds. Co-Artistic Director of Fairgame Theatre Company,                     researching, writing, producing and acting in seven  productions to date

See Website www.fairgametheatre.com  



Production                Part                                    Director                   Venue                


One for me                  Mr Thorndale                      Greg banks              Cheltenham Everyman


Burnt Out                     Researcher/ Writer             Adam Barnard          Four tours, schools.                            

Glorious Night               Mr Tippit.                           Paul Milton                Chelt. Everyman                  
                                                                                                             Studio& tour
 Geek                           Ben                                   Greg Banks               Schools Tour

Skin Tight                       Tom                               David Manzi-Fe           Arts Centre Tour

The Flying Doctor           Doctor/Sganarelle             Oliver Crick               Windows bath + tour

 Goldilocks.  (Panto)        Narrator/clown/bear          Tudor Davies             Wimbledon Theatre
Bouncers.                          Lucky Eric.                  James Collins.          Forum Theatre                                                                                                                                                                   
Maid's Tragedy.                  Melantius                     Alasdair Middleton   Battersea  Arts

 Whose life is it anyway ?     Consultant                     Tom Collins           Chlesea Arts                                                                                                                                                                  

Where The Wild Things Are.   Bernard.                      Frank Corsaro.         National Theatre.


Bartered Bride.                        Grock.                          Elijah Mohinsky.       Coliseum.


L'Amour Des Trois Oranges.   Punchinella.                  Frank Corsaro.         Glyndebourne.




Ant&Dec’s Saturday Night            Tightrope Coach                                               ITV

All Star Talent Show                     Act Development                                              ITV

Vanity Fair                                     Dandy/tightrope                                                BBC

Dangerfield                                   Mr.Hunter                       Ken Hannam              BBC

Legal And General.                      Family Man.                   Dominic Harrari.         T.V.F.

Wedden Dat.                                Wire walker                    V.D. Joop                   Dutch T.V.         

Electrical Safety.                          Wire‑walker.                   Phil Jones.                 Central Office

You Bet.                                       Wire walker                      Sue McMahon.         L.W.T. / I.TV.

Noel Edmunds Show.                   Expert./unicycle              Michael Leggo.         B.B.C.

Motormouth.                                 Solo Act.                        Rick Gardner.             T.V.S. / I.T.V.  




Circus skills to professional level: Tightrope, unicycle, juggling, stilts.

Professional Street and Variety  entertainer for twenty five years. Three static acts and several walkabout acts.
IT skills.  Excel and all IT tools required for small scale arts management.

 Language: Fluent Spanish. Basic French. Native Geordie.