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With over 50ft of tracking, protecting your grass and ensuring that the show goes on, even in wet conditions! Set or cleared in minutes.

(Above) AIRBORNE: Renowned equilibrist Bernie Bennett teams up with ace BMX rider Ayrton Jack, in this highly original show. But can they agree on the music - or the costumes? Comedy, audience participation and thrilling stunts on bikes and the tightrope, all make for a winning combination. In the second show, as well as more bike and tightrope tricks, the duo will attempt to outdo each other on the unicycle and to get an audience member to walk a tightrope!  (All props are moveable and can be set or stuck in minutes, Height of tightrope 10ft. Two different 30 min shows, best suited to reasonably level areas of up to 40m x 40m. Ideal arena size 30m x 20m. Minimum performance area 20m x 15m, unless discussed in advance.)                      

"First class act - you really pulled them(audience) in!"  (Official, Parson Drove car & Bike Show)

Choice of two great comedy shows, all based around a free standing tightrope rig, 10ft high.
Arena shows: For arenas, rig is mounted on a moveable trailer, which can be set or struck in a few  minutes.
Arena size:   Min.= 10yds x 10yds. Ideal = up to 30yds x 20yds (For arenas more than 40yds square, Bernie will usually perform towards one side, rather than in the centre.)
Can set up his own area with battery powered sound system

SUPERHERO TIGHTROPE SHOW                                               
Bernie transforms miraculously, in front of the audience, into a comedy superhero from another planet, intent on attempting the first crossing of wherever he is, by tightrope! Outrageous comedy, audience participation and nail biting tricks.

(See video clip of the above act at:  http://youtu.be/tpYs8QrqT4I )

TIGHTROPE SHOW                                                               
Bernie appears as a simple minded hillbilly, with a suitcase full of tricks. His attempts to show off on the tightrope are not helped by the presence of a large parrot perched on the middle of it!

Pershore 2015 Moveable, trailer - mounted tightrope rig.

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